The Serpent's Storm, 2021

"The Serpent's Storm" is an incursion written for Trophy Gold. Available here.

Debt and Metal, 2020

HILT // BLADE casts the players as teenage pilots of giant robots who are uniquely selected to defend humanity from civilization-ending threats. Inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion and Gundam; based on the Mask: a New Generation. Available here.

Debt and Metal casts the players as ace pilots of giant robots trying to make ends meet in a galaxy of conflict. Inspired by Lancer; based on the Trophy Gold. Available here.

“The Pines,” Codex - Glamour 2, 2019

An adventure for the roleplaying game Cthulhu Dark that uses Lovecraftian horror tropes to explore gay assimilation, set in the beach-resort town of Fire Island Pines. Available here.


University of Chicago, 2021-2022

Master of Arts in Social Sciences with a concentration in historical anthropology.

The Ohio State University, 2017-2021

Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics with a minor in Education.
Teaching assistant internship at Focus Learning Academy of North Columbus, autumn 2018.
Case manager internship at US Together, autumn 2020.

Defense Language Institute - Foreign Language Center, 2011-2012

Associate of Arts in Persian-Farsi.
Rated at a 3+ in translation, 3 in reading, 2+ in listening and 2 in speaking according to the Interagency Language Roundtable.

Work Experience

Assistant Technology Specialist, Teaching & Technology, Social Sciences Computer Services, University of Chicago,  2021-Present

Program Operations Manager,  Office of Global Engagement, Ohio State University,  2018-2020

I coordinated scheduling, lesson planning, lesson tracking and collecting feedback for the Language Improvement Track, an informal, conversation-based, semester-long program to build confidence in international students’ conversational English capabilities. Global Engagement is part of Ohio State’s Office of International Affairs.

Technical Lead, National Security Agency,
Staff Sergeant, United States Air Force, 2011-2017

I supervised a team of about 30 people and coordinated with other agencies to translate and report both written and audio material from the original Farsi to idiomatic English.
I led team trainings on translational and interpretive skills.
I attended topical seminars in 2014-2015 focused on the Iranian region’s history, religion and geopolitics.
I was nominated for Military Performer of the Quarter in 2016.