HILT // BLADE is a roleplaying game Powered by the Apocalypse that is, in essence, a love letter to mecha anime. It explores the emotional and psychological terrain of those pilots of giant robots—in this game, Hilts wielding their Blades. HILT // BLADE is inspired by anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion, DARLING in the FRANXX and the Gundam series.

Play occurs in two stages, one focusing on the interpersonal, “normal” lives of the Hilts and the other on the action-packed fight sequences during which the Hilts try to take down an Imminent Threat—an existential enemy threatening to destroy civilization as the Hilts know it. All of this is mediated by a special character named the Custodian, who works with a paramilitary organization to manage the squad of Hilts in order to eliminate these Imminent Threats. This special character can be roleplayed by a MC or collaboratively by all of the players.

Debt and Metal is a collaborative storytelling game about a group of aces—skilled mercenaries who pilot giant robots, or frames—taking on a galaxy that doesn’t care about them. It requires one game master to moderate the game and portray the dangers of the galaxy and one or more players to portray the aces.

Based on Trophy Gold, the game uses a lightweight framework for stories of mercenaries taking on harrowing missions in order to pursue their drive.

Use rollable tables or your own choices to design an ace who specializes in gambits: maneuvers that set you apart from the average frame pilot employed in militaries and corporations’ private security teams.

You are duskborn, a young vampire closer to humanity than even the one who made you. This thin blood of yours separates you: vampire society wants nothing to do with you, but you crave blood all the same in your undeath. Humanity will not—cannot—take you back. So the duskborn live two lives apart and try to survive the night; survive the Establishment, who would rather see you burnt to ash under the sun; survive the Establishment and Reformist’s petty, cold war over ancient rules you weren’t ever taught; and try to survive everything else that’s worse.

They say there’s a way out of this, though. A way back to humanity if you want that or a way deeper into the darker parts of night...to claim the power other, older vampires hold over your head. All either requires is one last death and, well, what’s death to you anymore?

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