Ceremonies for Trophy Gold

Ceremonies are functionally written like monsters. One has a Complexity instead of Endurance, one to six Natures instead of Habits, Corruptions instead of Defenses and a Clarifier instead of a Weakness.

Pacts in Trophy Gold

The Pact Roll introduces a mechanic to Trophy Gold that let’s treasure-hunters enter into dangerous negotiations and even more dangerous pacts with beings who hold more power in the world than the treasure-hunters will ever be able to.

Quick Bash!

This is an adaptation for Trophy Gold in order to play through Mothership modules or otherwise change the genre/setting from the assumed dark fantasy to dark/horror sci-fi.

Mecha in Trophy Gold

“Mech” is a weird word for a giant robot! According to Wiktionary, it comes to English via Japanese and is an abbreviation of the English word “mechanical.”