Literary Reflection

Where one episode ends and another begins intentionally blurs and each episode can use the other’s styles and stylistics to continue, rework or eliminate entirely the other’s message.

Davokar, Colonized

To read Symbaroum is to read a western perspective on the world at large—a centered perspective looking toward the periphery—one in which the west has colonized much of what is not the west.

English Does (Not) Exist

Language itself as a colonialist/imperialistic power is an uncomfortable proposition, but has a well-documented history clearly showing its very creation as a means of social control.


Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory outlines a biological and cultural foundation for someone’s varied ability to interface with the world and, more importantly, their strength in learning knowledge or tasks.

Inter(con)textual Tyranny

The antigay purges of Chechnya throughout 2017 are the result of the social consequences from a tyrannical government, led by a cult of personality that magnifies and encourages domestic extremism.